summer fun with abit of sun!

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Heres a few photos that the ‘Teagle’ had developed off him Lomo Fish eye from the summer…thought they might be of some interest!

Still more Morocco stuff to come…so check back soon!

Moroc ‘N’ Rolling for 15 days

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For the past fifteen days  ive be travelling around Morocco in search of waves,With Friends Micah  and Cheyne. To get to the point we completely scored, not getting waves under head high the whole trip. We started of a anchor point for he first week surfing there and the surrounding breaks, although we did have it good we go bored of the crowds so decided to take are little red hire car off road and head far south. This was the best decision we could of made because we had pumping empty waves with nothing in sight for miles. After staying there we headed further north past anchor point where Sam Lamiroy kindly let stay in the O’neill house located in Imsouane for the last few nights of our trip where i got to meet Cory Lopez,Shaun Cansdell and Mark Mathews.

Here”s a short  video of our travelling

<p><a href=”″>Morocco</a&gt; from <a href=””>The Beach Life</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Video and Picture Courtesy of Cheyne Moore @ The Beach Life

More surfing Footage and pics to come!…

– Two

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Well the cold is back…surf was looking good for Saturday morning so i got hold of Teagle and we decided to head down for a dawny and get some shots. Little did we know it was going to be minus two degrees and snowing,still it made for a great back drop here is what the photographic wizard they call Teagle conjured up…

all pictures courtesy of Mr Michael Teagle…


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Annoying but got to be done…

Off To Spain For The Week…

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Check back for some Spanish pics and footage.

Random Clip…

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A random clip i found of me on the interweb from a couple years ago!

Out of Focus

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its just my luck that the shot of he day is out of focus…